Joe Thomas reaches out to Bill Gates for $1.5 billion

Joe Thomas reaches out to Bill Gates for $1.5 billion

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The NBA Finals had two Cleveland Browns in some serious competition.

Former Browns tackle Joe Thomas tweeted out that he would purchase game-worn Stephen Curry jerseys for all retweeters if the Golden State Warriors won the NBA Finals.

This was in response to the newly acquired Browns cornerback Damarious Randall. His viral tweet went up to over one million followers during the course of the series.

The Cavs lost, and Thomas is shaping up to be a man of his word; there are just a few obstacles to overcome.

Joe Thomas reached out to his Twitter followers on Tuesday, June 12, to explain the process to distribute the 285,000 jerseys.

Not quite sure, if everything will go according to plan.

But hey, at least he tried.

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