Tampa Bay Buccaneers give Twinsburg HS student autographed jersey after wrong-number text

TWINSBURG, OH (WOIO) - Justin Deeds, a recent Twinsburg High School grad, will soon have his Tampa Bay Buccaneers jersey, signed by Pro Bowler Mike Evans, in a frame. And he will have quite a story to tell about how the jersey came to hang on his wall.

Deeds got a text a few months back and initially he wasn't quite sure what to make of it. Yet he quickly realized the message had come from an assistant coach with the Bucs that was meant for then Ohio State cornerback Denzel Ward.

Ward was getting set for his pre-draft, pro day workout at Ohio State and the coach was confirming a post workout meeting.

"I was kind of at a loss for words I guess because it didn't really seem real," Deeds said.

Deeds texted back the coach explaining that he had the wrong number because he wanted to make sure that the coach got his message to Ward.

The coach was so grateful that he asked Deeds if he wanted anything from the club, and that's when the high school grad asked for the jersey, "I actually jumped off my couch and started running around the house because I was so excited he said he would send it," Deeds said.

The coach kept his word and the jersey arrived last week, "When I finally got it, it was probably one of the top five moments of my life," he said.

Deeds was a defensive back for the Twinsburg Tigers football team and Ward played the same position for neighboring Nordonia High School, so it's quite the coincidence that Deeds would get a text meant for Ward.

Deeds says he's still pretty fired up about the whole deal, "All my friends are kind of annoyed because I keep talking about it."

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