Almost 70 percent of Rocky River residents want improvements along Center Ridge Road

Rock River is a city of about 21,000.

The population really hasn't change since 1980.

This doesn't mean change in the city is not necessary.

The city just released its 2018 Master Plan.

Stability is a good thing, but change is also necessary to maintain a good quality of life according to Mayor Pam Bobst.

Her administration has engaged the community for more than a year to see what changes people want to see.

"Riding on the sidewalk is really dangerous. People think it's safer but it's really not. So, the more we can ride on the street the better," Ivan Spehar said.

Ivan Spehar rides about 80 miles a week.

He said he would welcome bike lanes in Rocky River, which at present doesn't have any.

"It's really important that we have that because riding on the road is really dangerous with a lot of cars and people driving fast.  It would make it a lot safer for us.  it would give us the space that we need.  It just makes it easier all the way around," he said.

Almost  70 percent of Rocky River residents say they want improvements along Center Ridge Road.

Mayor Bobst says Linda Street which connects Detroit Rd with Lake Road is another area that she would like to see improvement. 

"Connectivity is extremely important.  How pedestrians and cyclists can get from one area of the city, perhaps a residential area down into a commercial district to enjoy an ice cream cone or enjoy one of our many restaurants." 

Mayor Bobst has what she calls a shared vision of what she would like her city to become and that the 126 page 2018 Master Plan reflects that.

It points out that this city has no bike trails,  That's going to change too sometime in 2019.