Port Clinton residents rally cleanup effort hours after flooding disaster

Ottawa County residents fight back against flash flood

PORT CLINTON, OH (WOIO) - Floating furniture, shoes and toys fill basements in homes throughout Ottawa County.

People who live in the area said Wednesday was a disaster.

"At 4 this morning there was about that much water in my basement. At 6:00, 6:30, we had it down to about a couple inches and then I've been sweeping and cleaning it up, pulling stuff out all day," said Tim Clemons.

Clemons has lived in his Port Clinton home for nearly 40 years. He said his home hasn't been hit this hard with flooding in decades.

"Burned up one sump pump, put on the second one we had. We had two sump pumps going all night. Couldn't keep up," he said.

Clean up crews have been busy all day long.

"We literally went from door to door to service the next house, just to get the water and the sewage out of the basements," said Dan Russell, North Coast SERVPRO president.

Russell said workers are dealing with widespread sewage backups, flooded basements and broken sump pumps.

"I had heard that it was just a river, you couldn't even see the street. The houses here, I think the least amount of water was a foot. Some of the houses said they opened up the door and everything that could float was floating," he said.

Wednesday evening, Clemons basement was pretty dry, but his yard was covered in trash bags filled with stuff flood waters ruined. Despite it all, he stayed upbeat.

"Well, you know, you have no choice," he said.

SERVPRO has dozens of homes they still need to get to Thursday, so they're sending in crews from Columbus.

The Red Cross is also in Ottawa County going door to door to hand out cleanup kits to help families in need. The Red Cross is prepared to open a shelter if it's necessary.

For assistance from the Red Cross, call 1-800-RED-CROSS.

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