Rambunctious deer bullying people and pets in Bay Village

BAY VILLAGE, OH (WOIO) - In just the last couple weeks, several Bay Village residents say the deer aren't just walking into yards, but chasing people and dogs, and following them for several blocks.

"I was starting our barbecue and I kept hearing this, like, a blowing noise. I wondered: 'What was that?' I turned right at the end of the patio was a big buck. I just ran into the house," said neighbor Jo Wozniak.

Cleveland Metroparks wildlife expert John Cepak says those gardens and lush lawns are the perfect dinners for deer.

"In our suburban areas, there's a tremendous amount of food in back yards. Because of that, any animal that typically would stay away from people, all of a sudden, has a reason to be there and has become more comfortable around the scent of people," said Cepak.

He says this time of year deer can be more aggressive.

"This time of year we have to consider between May and July, young deer, fawns are born.  Adult does may act differently.  They may follow people or animals through an area where they may view them as a threat to their young," Cepak said.

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