Cleveland Kennel explains how they are handling dog illness issues

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A potentially deadly sickness among dogs is now impacting at least two shelters in the Cleveland area.

It's still not clear exactly, what the illness is they're dealing with, but we are asking several questions tonight.

We first reported about the Cuyahoga County Shelter shutting down last week, because it had several sick dogs.

Five of them died.

Earlier this week, officials at the Parma Animal Shelter decided to close, only the "dog side of their facility" to prevent any of their dogs from getting sick.

The Cleveland Kennel where the original sick dogs reportedly came from is still open.

Kelly Fitzwater came to the Cleveland Kennel today to adopt a dog for her family.

"You guys have heard that some animals that came out of here were sick and went to some other shelters?"


"That doesn't concern you at all?"

"No because I believe they cleaned everything up.  I would hope that they wouldn't let anybody adopt any animals if they didn't have the facility cleaned and sanitized."

Michelle Harvanek is the Cleveland Kennel Shelters Operations Manager.

"We haven't seen anything new here.  We're keeping a close eye on everybody, taking some extra precautions," she said.

Harvanek runs the Cleveland Kennel. 

"We can't shut down, we're just ongoing cleaning. When a dog leaves taking some extra precautions cleaning their area and our vehicles as well," she said.

The Cuyahoga County Kennel remains closed.  I was told they will remain closed until the results of a necropsy, or dog autopsy is done by a lab at The Ohio State University are known.

They sent a deceased dog to a lab there and expected results some time next week.

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