City services in Orange Village adjusting to new demands from Pinecrest development

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The Pinecrest development in Orange Village is introducing major retail, new residences, even hotel and office space into the east side suburb, the likes of which they have never seen before.

"This is the first parking garage in the village," said Assistant Fire Chief Dan Fritz.

His department is adjusting their approach and their resources to make people who live, work and play at Pinecrest stay safe.

For city services it's a game changer.

Fritz expects to see an additional 150-200 calls yearly.

The department has brought five additional PT Firefighter paramedics to handle the volume. The police department also hired an additional officer.

Police Chief Chris Kostura says a development like this requires 24 attention. He says there has been at least one police officer on duty 24 hours a day there since January. That patrol is paid for by the development.

Kostura says that officer will handle some of the smaller calls, like car lock outs, so as not to divert police resources from the residential areas.

He doesn't expect Pinecrest to be dealing with some of the criminal manners, like loitering, shootings or flash mobs, that Beachwood Place has dealt with of late, because it is an outdoor development, not a mall.

Both police and fire will be working out of a joint Safety Center to provide a quick response to this new densely populated area.

As shoppers and diners explore the new neighborhood, the city is already preparing for the next phase of development, which will call for even more of a safety services presence.

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