Golden State fans attacked in Cleveland after Game 4 say police blew them off

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - On Friday after the Cleveland Cavaliers lost the NBA Finals to Golden State, two Warriors fans were jumped and attacked about a block from the Quicken Loans arena.

From cell phone video posted on social media, it appears the two men were targeted, followed and attacked for being Warriors fans.

One of the victims in the attack, Kevin Ramdhani, reached out to Cleveland 19 Reporter Dan DeRoos to explain the assault wasn't the only troubling thing that happened that night.

"I guess we were in the wrong place at the wrong time," Ramdhani said in a FaceTime interview from where he lives in New York.

Ramdhani, a life long Warriors fan, said he and his cousin came to Cleveland for Game 4 last year and this year.

He said last year no one said anything to them after Golden State lost.

But this year was clearly different.

"Cleveland losing that game, I guess they were upset. They were really upset. I felt how upset they were in the way they were hitting me," Ramdhani said.

Ramdhani said the beating last about five minutes and that more and more people joined in even after the video stopped.

His injuries included a sliced ear and scrapes on his arm.

Ramdhani said he used a shirt to try and stop his ear from bleeding and they found a police officer about a block away.

"I was holding my ear and we were telling the cop that we just got jumped and he was like, he just brushed us off he said, 'Ohh just go to your car, go to your car.'"

Cleveland 19 has reached out to the Cleveland Police Department who said they have no way of verifying what the victim says happen, but they have asked that Ramdhani speak to a Third District  Detective.

They also say they expect the highest level of professionalism from their officers.

As for Ramdhani's opinion of Cleveland now?

"There's beautiful people in Cleveland and there's some really messed up people," Ramdhani said.

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