World Armwrestling League puts Cleveland 'Over the Top'

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Strong men were rocking the Agora once again, and this time they were literally going "over the top."

The World Armwrestling League made a knuckle-busting stop in Cleveland this week with Six "Best of 5" matches.

Money was on the line, and for one Ohio native, it was a chance to show his family and friends what he could do.

"I usually have these tournaments in Vegas or out west, so not all of my family gets to come every time," Paul Talbott, of Highlandtown, said following his 3-0 sweep of Bill Sinks. "So them being here was just awesome."

The winners on this night took care of business quickly, with none of the matches going five rounds. Sam Harris got a jump on Geoff Hale, although it took him three times to get over the top.

Hale responded with a quick win of his own, firing up the crowd, and himself.

But Harris would still pull off what he called an upset.

"Today was one of my biggest super matches yet", Harris said. "Hale's been top in the world the last four or five years, and I'm fairly new, so it was huge for me."

These athletes will compete through the summer, aiming at a $250,000 purse at the National tournament in September. Only the strongest will survive. Matt Mask dislocated a finger during his win, but nothing a little tape couldn't fix.

That toughness is one of the many things that makes this sport so appealing.

It's mano a mano. May the best man, or woman, win.

"I played a lot of football growing up", Talbott said. "There you have 11 guys. This is a single man sport. It's all on you."

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