Huge dead tree hanging over homes in Cleveland

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Would you sleep well at night knowing that a monster tree with its wide, heavy branches was dangling over your home.

For sure it bothered Doris Stinson who called Cleveland 19 to get answers that she wasn't getting from the City of Cleveland.

Stinson's home isn't under the any of the dead tree, but she worries for her neighbor Beverly Beard Little.

"Every time it storms large branches fall off to the fence and to the yard and that would just be an extra expense to repair something in the house because of a darn dead tree," Little said.

The most outrageous part of the story is what the neighbors were told by a city inspector who came out to examine the tree according to Stinson.

"They said the tree is not dead.  Ha ha.  I'm no urban forester but that tree's dead.  The tree's dead."  Beard-LIttle added "So that's why they wouldn't do anything to it.  Live with no leaves on it?  I know I know."

The branches over the homes, sidewalk and street aren't the only concerns.

A wire is tied to the tree to pull electric lines away from grounding on the tree. If a branch comes down, so will the hot electric lines.

The city they will examine the issue in September and will plan to cut the tree in November. 

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