Abandoned dogs rescued after Cleveland 19 gets involved

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - From the parking lot of an apartment building on West 30th Street you can hear faint dog barking from the third floor.

As you walk up three flights, the barking is stronger and louder, almost as if the dogs were pleading to get out and get food and water.

A city violation notice on the door was from a second visit. It says the dogs will be sent to the APL in 24 hours if no action is taken.

But the weather is hot and will be hotter over the weekend.  As we asked our tough question, it became clear these dogs could be on borrowed time.

 One neighbor said she couldn't get in touch with the dog's owner.  Another hopes the dogs are OK.

"Get the dogs and put em in a nice home."

A neighbor who didn't want to be on camera and others had no idea how to make that answer happen.

Cleveland 19 did, calling animal care and control boss John Baird.

"I'm gonna send somebody by over there this morning, see what they can do and call me back," Baird said.

Baird delivered, within 30 minutes animal officers arrived.

Next came Cleveland Police, followed by the building manager.

He had no key but confirmed our concerns.

"It's been like three days, they dogs been in there alone," he said.

There are protocols to follow in entering someone's apartment.

The manager finally got the building owner just as the temperature started to boil.  With clearances in place, the fire department was called in and broke down the door.

Animal control officers wearing masks because or bedbugs and roaches entered and came out with the rescued pups.

One a pit bull mix, and two other smaller dogs.

With a flat roof and being up on the third floor it would have been a miserable if not fatal weekend for all those animals in that hot apartment.

A viewer got involved, was concerned, went to Cleveland 19 for answers, we got answers.

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