Teenager killed in hit and run remembered by school leader

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The death of 15-year-old David Allen Bourne Jr. isn't just taking a toll on his family, but those who taught the teenager as well.

"To know that the summer just started and he didn't even get a chance to really through the summer and go to the 9th grade is really unfortunate right now," said Dean Tiarrah Kent of Mound Stem School.

"He came into the school with his head high. Very popular, all the kids knew him. All the staff knew him."

But now all Dean Kent can do is reminisce oh the good times that David had during his time at Mound Stem School.

The teen was tragically killed in a hit and run on Union Avenue and East 69th Street.

He just graduated the 8th grade and was on his way to starting high school during this upcoming semester.

"He had so much potential. They took a good one," said David's sister, Kimberly Bourne.

Now Dean Kent along with David's family are hoping for justice throughout this tragic ordeal.

"I just hope that justice comes from this and if anyone has any information about this that they can come forward," said Dean Kent.

"We want justice. If you're watching, we will find you. The police department will find you. Or make it easy on yourself and turn yourself in. If not, we will find you. We're a strong family. We won't stop," said Kimberly.

Dean Kent says the Staff at the Mound Stem will help David's family as much as they can.

In the mean time police are still on the search for the driver of that stuck David and kept going.

If you have any information on who may be behind the wheel you're asked to contact the Cleveland Police Department immediately.

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