Cleveland suburb boosts night patrols after rash of car break-ins

WESTLAKE, OH (WOIO) - Westlake Police are upping patrols in some neighborhoods after thieves broke into several cars over the last few days.

In many of these cases, the cars were unlocked.

Thieves smashed at least one car window and damaged a trunk door when they tried to break into some cars in Westlake.

They weren't successful in two cases, but they found better luck not far away.

The suspects found several cars with their doors unlocked in apartment complexes off of Detroit Road on Peppercorn, Weymouth Circle and Remington Drive.

They also hit some neighborhoods near Crocker Park on Hunters Creek and Forest Lane.

"It just seems like it happens every once and awhile. And because we're close to I-90, that's why it seems to be happening. They say that they can jump on 90 right away," said Marguerite Anthony, who lives across the street from where some of the break-ins happened.

"I don't feel threatened, but again, we keep our door locked," Anthony said.

She wonders why other people don't do the same.

"This has happened before, so why would they take the chance?" she asked.

Thieves made off with laptops, shoes, expensive headphones, sunglasses and change.

In one case, someone's wallet was stolen and he discovered his credit cards had been used at several places.

Westlake police officers will be making more rounds at night even on bicycle, in hopes of deterring break-ins and thefts.

Cleveland 19 called some nearby cities to see if they have had the same problem.

Lakewood Police tell us they haven't had any recent reports of car break-ins.

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