As North Ridgeville flourishes, so do the orange barrels

NORTH RIDGEVILLE, OH (WOIO) - Orange barrels, cones and signs line the eastbound lanes of Center Ridge Road.

North Ridgeville is growing fast and the city is working hard to keep up.

"We need more access, easier access because of how the city's growing so fast with 300 to 400 families a year," said resident John Dubecky.

The Center Ridge Road Widening Project has been in the works for more than a decade. It runs about two miles, from Stoney Ridge Road to Lear Nagle Road and will turn three lanes into five.

Crews officially broke ground this spring. The two-phase project includes new storm sewers, water lines, sidewalks and more.

"They put in a lot of new infrastructure. New poles, new wiring, sewers, gas line, the whole kit and caboodle," said Dubecky.

Some people who live in the once-quiet town said they're still trying to get used to the busy streets.

"Traffic's real bad in the evenings," said resident Joe Walker.

Others said they're happy to see the change.

"You know, it's something that you've got to deal with, you've got to put up with it. It's growth. This is an up and coming city and I think it's a good thing," said resident Roberto Hernandez.

"You're always going to have complaints, but it's just part of the progress. This is good progress for us. We needed a new road," said Dubecky.

Many people said the construction is not only necessary, this time of year it's common just about everywhere.

"No matter where you're at there's construction going on... I wish I had some stock in orange barrels is all," said resident Robert Keffer.

Despite the construction, businesses on Center Ridge Road are still open and pretty easy to get to.

The entire project is scheduled to wrap up in October 2019.

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