Cleveland woman could face cruelty charges after allegedly abandoning dogs in hot apartment

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Three dogs abandoned in a hot Cleveland apartment and rescued after a viewer asked Cleveland 19 for answers are safe and in the care of a local kennel.

That said, we went in search of the owner Monday and knocked on a few doors along Madison Avenue.

We learned the dog owner is Ashley Riddle, but the neighbor refused to say where Riddle was or provide any contact information.

Cleveland Animal Control Chief John Baird said charges will come soon. Baird said that because of the filthy conditions, animal cruelty charges are being considered.

Cleveland 19 provided Baird with Ashley Riddle's name.

Neighbor Sasha Smith says Riddle did actually return after the dogs were rescued, noting "I know she's kind of worried because they ticketed her with neglect of the animals."

The entire matter is still being sorted out by Animal Control, lots of unanswered questions but with the name of the dogs owner no longer in doubt, one piece of the puzzle is now in place.

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