Ohio family impacted by ICE raid speaks out

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - "I want my dad" is what the chalk writing says.

These faces represent the thousands of kids who are trying to understand why their parents face deportation.

Laurie Ramirez is 11. She says, "If your not from the us than you can't cross through."

Twelve-year-old Azalia tells us, "My one friend, she won't even come out of her house.She is too scared to be taken away and she is American. Yes she is."

They are Mexican-Americans. Their dad is an illegal.

Renee Ramirez says her husband desperately wanted to be American.

"They say to do it legally, we tried," says Ramirez.

She says her husband Jose Alberto was arrested at the raid in Sandusky, one of the largest in U.S history. They have five kids. She admits he arrived illegally, but then got a work visa that is now expired.

Ramirez later developed esophageal and thyroid cancer, which became Alberto's focus.

She added, "It shouldn't be as hard as it is. He's not a drinker. He doesn't do drugs, He doesn't go out and party. He works . He takes car of his family."

Alberto explained how he was lured by free doughnuts, The Americans were then segregated from the immigrants.

He doesn't worry for himself. He says, "I am worried about my family, especially for my wife who has been battling cancer."

Jose is being held in Youngstown and tries to call his family when he can, but Renee knows his days here in the "Land of the Free are numbered.

So for now, his voice will have to do.

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