2 Northeast Ohio bakers to appear on new Netflix baking competition series

2 Northeast Ohio bakers to appear on new Netflix baking competition series

A new cooking and reality show competition is coming soon to a television near you and a couple of Northeast Ohio bakers want to be part of your next binge-watching session.

Netflix is launching its very first baking competition show. The entire season will be available this Friday.

Carrie Buchanan, of Bombshell Baking Co. in Canton, and Katie Spanier-Zegarac, of Katie Cakes in Strongsville, are sworn to secrecy about the results of Sugar Rush, but they make a pretty sweet team.

Watch the trailer below. (Buchanan and Spanier-Zegarac aren't in it, unfortunately.)

"I am usually working on my own, Carrie is used to working on our own.  So to be able to adapt, to trust someone with the give and take during a competition when so much is at stake was the hardest part," Spanier-Zegarac said.

They connected through a bakers group on Facebook, then wowed casting agents and headed to Los Angeles in September to shoot a then untitled series.

"I just couldn't believe it. Until we were on the set, it didn't feel real. Once we were on the set, it all happened so fast," said Buchanan.

The show gives bakers a tight time limit to create cupcakes, confections and cakes to impress judges like, Candace Nelson of Cupcake Wars.

"I really wanted her to approve and like what I did," said Buchanan.

There is $10,000 up for grabs, so the stakes and cakes are high.

"I'm excited to see what we made looks like. On the shows they always showcase what you've made so beautifully," she said.

Spanier-Zegarac, a paralegal by day, is hoping this show, and exposure to Netflix's 125 million customers will allow her business to be a full time endeavor.

"Really get my name out there known for the more artistic aspect of it, not just locally but on global platform," she said.

And now that Buchanan, a social worker, has had a taste of competitive baking, she is hungry for more.

"Most importantly to me I want my kids to see it and be proud of me," said Buchanan.

The pair never met in person until they did a Skype audition for the show.

They've since become great friends.

Buchanan will be a bridesmaid in Spanier-Zegarac's upcoming wedding.

They're hosting a watch party at Mel's Sweet Shop in Brunswick on Friday at 7 p.m.

They will watch their episode at 8 p.m. and offer up samples of the sweet creations they made for the show.

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