Kelleys Island home to geological phenomenon, largest of its kind in the world

KELLEYS ISLAND, Ohio -- Looking for something "groovy" to explore this summer?

Kelleys Island is home to the largest and most accessible glacial grooves in the entire world.

Located on 3 1/2 acres at the Glacial Grooves State Memorial, visitors can closely view the grooves which are approximately 18,000 years old.

The Great Lakes and the Lake Erie Islands were formed by the movement of a massive sheet of ice during the last ice age.

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While glaciers created Lake Erie, they moved over a massive block of Columbus Limestone which became known as Kelleys Island. 
Over the years, many grooves were uncovered only to be quarried out. However, in 1892, a small section of quarry land was set aside by the Kelley Island Lime & Transport Company to preserve one of the last grooves.
The company saved the glacial grooves for future generations to study and enjoy. 

Although they've been studied extensively, there is still no full explanation as to how they were carved. However, it's believed that it may have taken nearly 5,000 years for the glacier, which covered thousands of square miles, to advance from its point of origin to this area in Ohio.

The viewing area is located at the corner of Division Street and Titus Road, right next to the Kelleys Island State Park on the island's north side.

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