Ever wonder how Kelleys Island first got power out on Lake Erie?

KELLEYS ISLAND, Ohio -- As part of a tour of the Lake Erie Island, Cleveland 19 News is profiling part of the island's quirky history.

According to the Kelleys Island History Museum, The Kelleys Island Lime & Transport Co. built the Southside Crusher in 1907, with a dedicated section of the building meant for a generating plant, to provide power and light for the maintenance shops at the West Bay Quarry Operation.

Frederick Martin's home was the first on the island to have electric lights, in 1918.

He was a stationery engineer for the KIL&T Co.

In 1928, The Buckeye Public Service Co. took over the Southside Crusher operation and became the first company to provide commercial power outside of the quarry.

By 1946, there were 83 customers.

In the early 1950s two underwater cables were installed from Marblehead.

Over the years the distribution system was upgraded.

The cable weighed 70 tons and was encased in a layer of heavy, durable armor and sat two feet below the lake's bottom.

If you stop at the Kelleys Island History Museum, you'll notice the sample of the most recent cable to be laid is missing from the display.

According to museum staff, representatives from Hancock Wood Electric Co-Op actually removed the sample to help them match the old cable with new cable as part of a planned upgrade.

While at the museum, check out their new seasonal exhibit, Bathing Beauties of the 1950s.

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