Twinsburg community remembers officer Josh Miktarian

Fallen Twinsburg officer remembered after tragic killing

TWINSBURG, OH (WOIO) - Officer, Vu Nguyen was laid to rest today, another one, Josh Miktarian, is also being remembered.

"My little girl has to go to a cemetery to sing happy birthday to her dad."

Tomorrow marks the 10-year anniversary of Officer Josh Miktarian's death.

One man is making sure the community never forgets the officer or his sacrifice.

Bob Votruba is a man with a mission. One that he has been on for a decade, ever since Twinsburg, K9 Police Officer Josh Miktarian was gunned down.

"On that day I was headed North on Route 91 and it crossed the news on the radio, came the news that there was an officer in Twinsburg who lost his life. And it wasn't 30 seconds later that I was passing Glenwood the street he was shot and killed on. I looked over and there was a makeshift memorial and it just affected me so," Votruba.

It was then Votruba vowed to honor Officer Miktarian. Five years later he made Josh's wife Holly and their daughter Thea a promise.

"We can't let a little girl's dad be forgotten."

On Friday Bob will ride up and down the street at the intersection of 91 and 82 for 10 hours to mark how many years it has been since Officer Mitktarian died.

"This sign by Bob Votruba reminds me of a saying by Dr. Martin Luther King. Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that."

"What came through me was the thought of kindness. How do you argue with kindness. But, with a little twist, having kindness as a goal in ones life. A lot of people don't think of kindness as a goal but it can be," he said.

So he created One Million Acts of Kindness. For Bob Votruba just getting a horn toot or a wave from a passing driver is confirmation of kindness.

"When I wave, lots of time I just look up and you know. I want to meet Josh sometime," he said.

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