Pens cover Harvey Pekar's grave at Lake View Cemetery before anniversary of death (video)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - He was a boy from Cleveland that loved comic books, and made it to the national stage, but appeared happiest at home creating his "American Splendor" comic books.

Harvey Pekar made several appearances on the 'Late Show with David Letterman' while still working as a clerk at Cleveland's VA Medical Center. Pekar died July 12, 2010.

No one at Lake View Cemetery can recall when the collection of pens started, but they are there now, dozens of them.

"I think again how unique he was," Mary Krohmer said, "He found his niche."

It isn't uncommon for people to spontaneously start leaving memorabilia at gravesides, the pens, some assume, represent the inspiration Pekar the writer might have inspired.

"Maybe Harvey sparked someone to start writing for a profession," Mary Krohmer added. "We don't know the whole story about the pens but it gives us the opportunity to say people are remembering who Harvey was."

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