World's largest inflatable rubber duck sails into Sandusky

World's largest inflatable rubber duck sails into Sandusky

SANDUSKY, OH (WOIO) - The world's largest inflatable rubber duck is in Sandusky, and for this weekend, Lake Erie is her personal bathtub.

Mama, as she's affectionately known among fans, is at the Festival of the Sail in Sandusky through Sunday.

By Thursday, people were pouring into the downtown area to catch a glimpse.

That included Amy Roberson, who donned a duck costume for the occasion.

"I actually came all the way from Maine, brought this costume with me, just so we could see Mama, the world's largest rubber duck," said Roberson.

Mama is actually pretty close to home. She was created at Inflatable Images, the world's largest creator of inflatables. They're based in Brunswick. David Scherba, who co-founded the company with his brother, said they created Mama about five years ago.

"We were approached by the big duck people that wanted to get involved with floating the world's largest duck to promote happiness and kindness and just general good feelings," he said.

Since then, she's gone around the world. When she left Hong Kong, Scherba says locals had a hard time letting her go.

"People were still out there, literally in tears, because they became so emotionally attached to it," he said.

Scherba co-founded the company with his brother back in 1982. Since then, they've grown to accommodate a client base around the country, employing 75 people from Northeast Ohio.

There's some good news in store for fans of Mama, he told Cleveland 19.

"We're hoping to get her a mate and some babies here real soon, so that's kind of a secret out of the bag here," said Scherba.

You can also see another one of the world's largest inflatables--the largest bounce house--over the weekend. It'll be in North Ridgeville until Sunday.

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