Family of slain Massillon woman fighting to keep killer behind bars

Massillon family fighting to keep murderer behind bars

MASSILLON, OH (WOIO) - The family of a Massillon woman brutally killed over two decades ago is now fighting to keep the killer behind bars.

"He beat her, and if that wasn't enough, he put a cord around her neck and choked her to death. Six times, he wrapped an electrical cord around her neck," said the victim's brother, Robert Vonwyl.

It's a brutal attack that replays in the minds of Robert and his daughter, Renee Kornish almost daily.

"It's not the memory you want to have of someone that you loved," said Kornish.

However, it's a sad reality the family of Annette Marie Voorhes has been dealing with for nearly a quarter of a century.

It all started back in 1992 when the Massillon woman went missing.

"We let ourselves in. We walked through the home," recalled Kornish.

But what Renee found on that day about 25 years ago was a grizzly discovery. Her Aunt Annette had been stuffed into the refrigerator after being brutally beaten and strangled.

"At that point, I remember just running out onto the lawn in just complete disbelief," said Kornish.

That was Renee's final memory of her aunt. It's something she says she wishes she could change, but realizes is impossible. Instead, all she can do is hope the man convicted of killing her aunt never sees the light of day again as we get closer to his upcoming parole date this September.

"It's been 25 years. We're realistic. We realize that the parole board at some point will begin to see him as less of a threat. It doesn't seem like justice after 25 years because for us it wasn't 25 years ago," said Kornish.

They're reminded of Annette almost daily and even something as small as a song could bring back precious memories.

"A song on the radio, a birthday, a graduation without her - everything makes today November 22 1993," said Kornish.

Renee has officially started a petition to keep Stephen Ball behind bars. To sign click the link here. 

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