Grandma has to say no to flipping the bird tattoo

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - "It's a portfolio,"  Emma Paskura said about her body. Paskura and friend Courtney Leigh were on hand Friday the 13th to get a new tattoo at Kollective Studio in Tremont.

For several years now tattoos and Friday the 13th have been synonymous. It appears there are as many reasons for this pairing as there are tattoo artists. There's talk that a Friday the 13th tattoo will help ward off bad luck. Tremont tattoo artist Andrea Thornton believes that unlucky Friday should be a party and what better way to make that happen then to add art to your body.

While some choose to let the universe pick their tattoos others are far more cautious. A box inside the front door is full of Easter egg sized containers labeled. "You get what you get." Customers could pay $40.00 and pull out a tattoo. If you don't like that choice you get one more chance, for $10.00 you can pick a second time.

" It's a good option for people who like to have random tattoos," tattoo artist Andrea Thornton said about putting your faith in a drawing.

When a grandmother/granddaughter team came in to get matching tattoos they choose to be random. When the tattoo they drew was a middle finger with legs, they reconsidered their options. The room of patiently waiting customers had a good laugh.

(Watch our Facebook live video to see the room erupt in laughter when a grandmother and granddaughter decided to choose a random tattoo.) 

"I stuck my hand in the magic mystery box," Zac Alberty said from the table. "I pulled out two random tattoos."

For those who wanted more choice there were limited $50.00. $75.00, and $100.00 choices.

"I thought about it, (picking one out of the box) but it's a little risky," Matthew Thompson said while waiting outside for his turn.

Caila Ferro was attracted to the deals but isn’t necessarily a fan of Friday the 13th scary, “Usually the theme is scary tattoos on Friday the 13th, but I like the cute sea horse.”  

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