Cleveland community reacts to fatal drive-by shooting

Community reacts to fatal drive-by shooting

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Police are still looking for two men responsible for spraying a car with bullets as it got off the interstate on Cleveland's West Side Saturday night.

People who live in the area are still in disbelief.

"I backed the car up and then that's when you heard pow pow pow. It sounded like fireworks had started slow and just went rapidly fast," said Xavier Walton.

Less than 24 hours later and people are still trying to process a drive-by shooting that left one woman injured and two men dead. It all happened at the intersection of West 117th and the Interstate 90 exit ramp around 7:30 p.m. Saturday.

Xavier Walton who lives right next to the interstate originally thought it was a car crash.

"I'm looking. I'm like that wasn't an accident, it just sounded like it was gunshots and then all of a sudden that's when the lady took off that way," said Walton.

What he saw was a 24-year-old woman frantically driving away from the scene after being grazed by a bullet. She later stopped at a nearby shell station for help.

"They're shooting!. Bullets are lodging into buildings and stuff. It's dangerous man," said Walton.

What people say is even more shocking is how close the shooting took place to a local neighborhood. If you continue to walk just feet from where those shots were fired, you'll run into Belmont Park.

"Any kids could have been down there. A bullet could have ricocheted and shot them. It's just stupid freely shooting like that," said Walton.

Sunday we found Stephanie Arroyo and her two kids playing in the park. She says it's downright ridiculous that something happened so close to where her kids play on a daily basis.

"I moved away from that to come here because I heard this was a nice area but that's a block or two down the road from where I live," said Arroyo.

To make matters worse, the woman shot wasn't believed to be the intended target.

"I use this every day. Same ramp every day. I get on over there and I get off right here," continued Arroyo.

"We take that interstate every day to go home so now it's even more concerning," said Walton.

If you have any information on who the freeway killers may be, call Cleveland Police at 216-623-5464.

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