What's next for Fernway Elementary School in Shaker Heights?

What's next for Fernway Elementary School in Shaker Heights?

SHAKER HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - When you saw the smoke and the massive fire, you knew Fernway Elementary sustained major damage. And after seeing video from Drone 19, it became even more obvious.

In a meeting at the Shaker Heights High School on Tuesday night, officials announced where the Fernway students would go in the upcoming school year.

The school board says all kids of Shaker Heights will start school on day one. Day one is 22 days away.

Gina Dudik has two that would have attended Fernway.

"We had an idea what it was narrowed down to and it's not very far from our house. I's less than a mile," says Dudik.

She has been working with her son Carlo as he gets used to the idea.

He says, "I think I'm going to Woodbury, and I'm going into third."

The temporary school options are:

  • Kindergarten at Onaway Elementary
  • First grade at Boulevard Elementary
  • Second through fourth will be at Woodbury Middle School

We showed the list to Sarah Mertz. She saw the list for the first time when we showed her.

"We are just finding out today," says Mertz.

Mertz says her daughter Paige and her brother are being moved too.

"He's going to second grade. Okay, so that is Woodbury, which makes it easier for me to have both at Woodbury," Mertz said.

The school board wanted the kids to stay in the district so the change wouldn't be that dramatic; something Dudik agrees with.

"We are hopeful they are going to rebuild and it's just a little blip," she says.

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