Newburgh Heights Mayor takes another full time job

Newburgh Heights Mayor takes another full time job

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Newburgh Heights Mayor Trevor Elkins has made a name for himself.

His Village enjoys a steady flow of cash from unsuspecting drivers his police department nails for speeding.

He's also made two unsuccessful attempts to take over leadership of the county Democratic party. He didn't get that job, but now has another job.

This job is outside the Village where at his urging the position of Mayor was elevated to full time in 2016.

Cleveland 19's attention was drawn to the situation by a position announcement from the Medina Library.

It advertises for a Deputy Fiscal Officer. Full time. No big deal.

A viewer contacted us to say that Mayor Elkins got the job.

Elkins was on the job in Medina on Aug. 9 and we asked if he thought there were any issues as far as not being able to serve the people of Newburgh full time.

"Listen I'm at my place of employment. I don't have a comment for you at this moment. I'm working," Elkins said.

Given his experience there is no doubt that Mayor Elkins is well qualified for the library job.

But you can't be in two places at once. He's in Medina today, so the obvious question is who's minding the store in Newburgh Heights.

At Newburgh Heights Village Hall a receptionist didn't know when he'd be in. The Clerk of Courts who may have known is off today.

So how would Newburgh Heights citizens get in touch with their Mayor if they had a problem.

"I will perform my function to the highest ability and will continue to do a good job for both the Medina County community and the Village of Newburgh Heights," he said.

As Mayor of Newburgh Elkins makes $69,000 as full time Mayor. This is up from $12,000 when he was part time Mayor.

The village picks up half his his share of retirement. No other employee gets that. At the library he makes just over $34,000 and is also entitled to insurance and pension benefits.

"I've worked two jobs full time for a very, very long time. This is nothing new for me," he said.

His resume shows other jobs while Mayor, but only when the Newburgh job was part time and before he convinced council the Village needed a full time Mayor.

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