Rocky River High School ends 'wake-ups' after numerous concerns from parents

'Wake-up calls' banned at Rocky River schools after hazing complaints

ROCKY RIVER, OH (WOIO) - Rocky River City School District has banned "wake-ups" for all students.

This move was made after the district received numerous complaints and concerns from parents last year.

"Wake-ups," according to Rocky River school parents and the district, are when seniors in sports or other organizations kidnap freshmen for a few hours until the seniors surprise the underclassmen, sometimes with breakfast or donuts.

Parents and police were reportedly made aware of the "wake-up" before it would happen to their student.

On social media, some Rocky River parents said they were disappointed, and that it was a fun experience for their kids. Other parents said they knew it would be banned sooner than later.

Rocky River City School District Superintendent Dr. Michael Shoaf declined interviews Thursday afternoon, but released the following statement to Cleveland 19 News:

"Rocky River City School District was made aware of numerous concerns from parents that were brought to our attention regarding senior/freshman "wake-ups." We wanted to make sure that we were supporting activities that were beneficial to all students. Our Athletic Director was instructed to alert all coaches to end the "wake-ups" if they were still happening, and to focus on the activity. This practice wasn't part of our programs and is now banned."

Rocky River City School District students go back to class later this this month, on Aug. 22.

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