Browns super fan invites Baker Mayfield to uproot his QB graveyard

Browns QB grave diggers raising spirits in North Ridgeville
Tony Timoteo throws a football with his son Cooper. (Source:WOIO)
Tony Timoteo throws a football with his son Cooper. (Source:WOIO)

NORTH RIDGEVILLE, OH (WOIO) - There's a lot of hype surrounding your Cleveland Browns this year.

The team is starring in the highly successful Hard Knocks TV show on HBO, and has some talented new additions.

Thursday night they took to the field for their first preseason game and people from all across the country tuned in.

We checked in with one of the team's super fans to get his take.

The Timoteo family of North Ridgeville is ready for this football season.

It's a scary sight  in their front yard every fall.

For several years, the outside of Tony Timoteo's house in North Ridgeville has transformed  into a quarterback graveyard.

Browns casualties have been piling up.

"Unfortunately for the Browns sake, they continue to make it big by starting new QBS every year since," Timoteo said.

But this year, Tony says it really feels like a clean slate.

"Baker Mayfield, Drew Stanton, even Brogan Roback if he finds his way on the roster, they'll all be added this year. Hopefully not though,"

Not only do the Browns have the #1 pick, they're also in the spotlight across the country as the team featured on Hard Knocks.

The crew is in Cleveland documenting behind-the-scenes of training camp.

Tony says you can't escape some negatives, but it's up to the team to change their narrative.

"They have new leaders in town, coaching and players. I really think Hard Knocks is great for us and will continue to be," Timoteo said.

Tony's wife Jill and their kids Cooper, six, and Baylor, two, want to see the Browns turn everything around.

But his son especially takes the losses pretty hard.

"Until he sees them winning and actually celebrating in the living room and not crying, that won't happen," he said.

The 29th headstone is next for quarterback Tyrod Taylor.

He'll get "2018" on it with a dash and a question mark for his time served in that position.

"You know it's a negative display on what's happened, but once you get to know us, you know that we're giant Browns fans, we're kind of just laughing in the misery, and we will be more than happy if Baker Mayfield wants to come here himself and shut this thing down, we will have a "closed sign," we are ready," Timoteo said.

The quarterback graveyard will go up on October 1st on Charles Road off of Jaycox in North Ridgeville.

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