Sagamore Hills woman says oven turned on by itself and nearly burned down home

Sagamore Hills woman says oven turned on by itself and nearly burned down home

SAGAMORE HILLS, OH (WOIO) - It's an absolute nightmare. Imagine your oven coming on all by itself, and turning into a dangerous fire.

That's exactly what one local woman says happened to her.

"There were flames in the oven. It was on fire inside of the oven. '[The top was] all melted and you couldn't [touch it] for this for hours," said Sagamore Hills homeowner, Kim Novak Trentanelli.

She believes her nearly 15-year-old Jenn-Air oven came on by itself and started a fire that nearly burned down her entire home.

"You could keep hitting cancel, but it wouldn't turn off, so I had to run downstairs and shut the breaker off so I shut the whole house off," said Trentanelli.

Thankfully she was able to get the fire out. However, she can't help but wonder, what could have started the fire in the first place?

"I was thinking: could I have hit the clean button on accident but you have to hit several buttons to get to go on -- to go to bake -- to clean. You don't just hit power," said Trentanelli.

Her biggest concern is what would have happened if she wasn't there, as she has multiple pets.

"We have Bud-Bud, two golden retrievers, their sisters and I have a 17-year-old toy poodle," said Trentanelli.

Even though she was able to thankfully avoid that tragedy, Trentanelli says that she still wants everyone else to know what exactly happened to her oven so the same thing doesn't happen to them.

"People should have the choice to turn their oven off or any other appliances that this may be happening to. We're not aware of it til it happens to someone else," added Trentanelli.

In the meantime, Kim says she'll be searching for a new oven. But there's one thing that she'll never do again.

"I'll never leave the house without turning the breaker off to the oven. Even the new one," concluded Trentanelli.

We reached out to Jenn Air to see if they had any comment about the oven.

They are preparing a statement, which we'll post when it becomes available.

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