Ohio family learns the hard way after moving company scam

The Dos and Don'ts of using a moving company

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A local couple is yet another victim of a moving scheme that left them out far more than they agreed on and with missing and broken possessions.

It is a growing problem, particularly with moving companies that recruit business on line.

The promises are many, the price usually cheaper than local companies and the service more than disappointing.

George Anderson sums it up "All of our boxes were destroyed, damaged.  A lot of em that I had duct tape around, extra duct tape around completely opened up, a lot of stuff stolen from us. A lot of furniture that was damaged or broken."

He and his wife Stephanie were left with a mess.  Online reviews of the company they hired seemed good, so they trusted the reviews but didn't go farther.

The BBB's Sue McConnell says that was a big mistake

"Use a company that actually comes to your home and does an in person inventory, can give you references, has some local reputation and presence and a history of being in business for several years," McConnell said.

In the Anderson's case, once hired, the company simply showed up for the move with demands saying "Before we can pick up any of your items you need to be sure you sign all of these documents and they gave me a bunch of blank documents before they would even take any of my stuff."

Some things to watch out for are movers showing up in a truck with no clear markings and beginning the move without a clear inventory and estimate.

Since the Anderson's move a number of negative reviews have appeared.

The Anderson's aren't the only family that was targeted, the US Attorney's office in Cincinnati recently indicted 15 companies doing exactly the same thing the Anderson's moving company did.

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