List: Which Northeast Ohio school districts have the highest fees

Sure, there's back-to-school spending -- but don't forget Northeast Ohio school fees

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - For parents when kids go back to school it means back to the wallet.

You've paid property taxes which support your school district, you went and bought all of those supplies for the first day and when they finally get to school there is a fee.

We are not talking about the extra fees for a student to play a sport, or to take AP classes, or classes like photography that have equipment.

This is the fee every student pays just for attending the school.

What we are finding is most schools have a fee that is used for some classroom supplies, field trips or equipment.

Then some districts charge a technology fee.

In a lot of cases the technology fee goes towards every student given a tablet or laptop like Google Chromebooks which appears to be the most common in Northeast Ohio.

Here are the fees Cleveland 19 has been able to track down so far for local school districts. We will add to the list as the numbers come in.

  • Elementary: $20 activity fee
  • Middle school: $35 activity and $50 tech fee (Chromebook)
  • High school: $31 activity and $50 tech fee (Chromebook)
  • K-8: $50 fee
  • High school: $90 fee (includes $18 for Chromebook)
  • K-7 $45
  • High school $10 (several classes require separate fees)

No fee applied

  • K-8: $55.00
  • High school: $33.00

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