Why do some Northeast Ohio schools wait to announce heat closings?

Why do some Northeast Ohio schools wait to announce heat closings?

(OHIO) WOIO - On Tuesday morning, many schools were not in session around Northeast Ohio, closed because of stifling heat following Labor Day weekend.

Ericka Tibbetts said she's glad her child isn't in school today.

"I mean, it's still hot. A lot of the schools don't have AC. The kids are just sitting there, with warm air blowing around on them. I don't know, how could they even think in such heat?" she said.

While many school districts announced closures yesterday, others waited until this morning. That includes Shaker Heights. Spokesman Scott Stephens told Cleveland 19 News in a statement that the district wanted to be sure it was necessary to close school before making that decision.

"We decided to cancel classes Tuesday after our staff visited classrooms early in the morning and found them to be very warm after the long holiday weekend. Most of our buildings do not have air conditioning and would have been stifling by afternoon, even with fans. We always try to make decisions about weather closing as early as we can, but we also want to make a good decision. That's why we checked out the heat conditions in the classroom this morning, and waited to get the latest weather forecast."

Mentor Schools also waited until this morning to officially close schools for the day. In a statement, they told Cleveland 19 News they waited to determine how this weekend's heat and humidity would impact classrooms.

"We're watching the forecast for tomorrow and going to check on some of our hottest buildings this afternoon to check the temperatures after these several days of high temps and heat index."

We also reached out to Cleveland Heights University Heights schools, but they did not get get back to us by Tuesday afternoon.

North Olmsted schools said, despite complaints on Facebook that the district waited too late, the school system announced closures Monday night. They said they always take parents into consideration when deciding to close schools, but felt it was necessary in this case.

Wednesday looks as if it could be a repeat performance of Tuesday's heat and humidity, with more school closures expected due to stifling indoor conditions in school buildings without air conditioning.

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