Tony Z's Week 1 Cleveland Browns report card

Cleveland Browns pick up the pieces, move on after stalemate heart stopper

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - As many people have sang, you've got to "Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive".

Absolutely. I'll never celebrate a tie, but I will accentuate the positive. There were a few, actually, mostly on defense.

Myles Garrett was the best player on the field. Two sacks, two forced fumbles, both coming in the fourth, as Garrett brought the Browns back to life. Yes, his block in the back on Schobert's near pick-six in overtime was costly, but they're not even in this game without Myles. "A+".

While Garrett took over late, Denzel Ward was dazzling early. The first rookie to pick off two passes in his NFL debut in 25 years, both coming in the first half. And yeah, he got beat for a touchdown, but it took a perfect pass from Ben to Brown to beat him. "A+".

The defense handed this game to Tyrod Taylor, and he couldn't win it. It's certainly not all on him, but...some of those 7 sacks were on him, and overall, he did what Tyrod Taylor does, which is manage a game...seldom throw downfield...and run run run. Which is fun when he runs one in, but can also stifle an offense. Browns fan, now you know how Bills fans felt. The maddening part is that he can hit big when he takes a shot, as he did with Higgins downfield, and then immediately to Gordon to force overtime. But he only targeted Gordon, his best weapon, three times. I'm giving the QB a "C".

Jarvis Landry did what he does best, which is catch, bailing Taylor out with a shoestring grab for 33 yards, and once again racking up more than 100..."B".

Special teams? Not so special. In fact, awful. The punt team was blown up, causing Britton Colquitt to shank one 29 yards in OT. Thankfully, the Steelers then blew the field goal. And of course, Zane Gonzalez and company returned the favor in the end. "F".

Finally, Hue Jackson, who insisted he couldn't start Josh Gordon because, well, 'we have a way of doing things here'. And then of course, Gordon started.

"I saw it just like you did" Hue said after the game.


Another bizarre look...and more bizarre clock management down the stretch. He's now 1-31-1 as our head coach, and he's taking home a "D".