Lorain High School parents voice concern over reports of student violence

Parents express concerns over reports of fights at Lorain High School

LORAIN, OH (WOIO) - Jenisha Reynolds is worried about sending her daughter, Jahzaire Brown, to Lorain High School next year.

Reports of fights and violence are so rampant that even school board members expressed their concerns at a meeting last night.

"I don't feel like kids should have to worry about that. I don't feel that kids should have to go to school having any other worry besides school tests and things like that," said Brown.

There are conflicting opinions on just how many fights there have been so far at Lorain High School this year, but there are at least five that have been reported.

We reached out to the CEO of Lorain City Schools, David Hardy Jr. multiple times to talk about the reports of violence, but did not hear back.

Amanda Godsey says that the problem seems to be starting as early as the junior high school years. She says there were two fights at her daughter's middle school in Lorain just today.

"Are you worried as a parent? Yes, of course I am, especially getting them to and from school because they have to go through the high school and there is always something going on," said Godsey.

Not everyone says they are aware of a problem. Jeffrey Owens says his step children, who go to Lorain High School, haven't said anything about fights and security seems to be tight.

"I think they have been handling things pretty good, the police are always there," said Owens.

Jenisha Reynolds says she is not sure what more teachers and administrators can do to stop fights and violence.

"I'm nervous. Hopefully, it gets better and we can figure it out," added Reynolds.

The board will meet again on Sept. 17. Board members have said that they want to invite the chief of police to that meeting to address their safety concerns.

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