Second birthday bash at church for Ohio's first sextuplets

MUNROE FALLS, Ohio - Ohio's first sextuplets are one year older and apparently still a handful.

Alex, Kyle, Isabella, Logan, Sophia and Lucy Hanselman celebrated their second birthday Sunday along with parents Keith and Jennifer, 4-year-old brother Connor and members of the family's Akron-area church.

"There have been nights that felt like two years," Keith Hanselman said with a laugh. "But it's getting better."

The siblings spent several weeks in neonatal intensive care after being born two months early by Cesarean section on Feb. 26, 2004. But since they went home, they have enjoyed good health.

Community donations helped the family move last year into a larger house in nearby Cuyahoga Falls, and volunteers have helped the parents feed and care for the toddlers.

"They've really been a godsend," Jennifer Hanselman said. "From start to now, we'd be sunk without them."

The sextuplets are the stars at Twin Falls United Methodist Church in Munroe Falls, where members help hold the children during services every Sunday.

"They have surrogate aunties, surrogate uncles, surrogate grandparents," said churchgoer Phyllis Glenn of Munroe Falls. "They belong to all of us."

The first born, Isabella, may be the most fussy, according to family friend Loretta Dempster of Munroe Falls.

"Not pointing any fingers, but she's got the tantrums -- throwing herself on the ground -- down to a science," Dempster said. "She's been 'Terrible Twos' since she was 2 days old."

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