Pick-up truck crashes into two homes

CLEVELAND - Just before 10:30 a.m. on Spring Road between the Jennings Freeway and Broadview Road, a motorist lost control of his vehicle and crashed into not one but two homes, 19 Action News reports.

The driver crashed into the front porch of one house, kept going and then slammed into the neighboring home's porch. His pick-up truck actually ended up partly inside that second house.

The second home is a duplex, and the crash knocked loose the support pillars, which caused the structure to sag. Thankfully, a teenage boy who was sleeping in the house was not injured.

The motorist was transported to MetroHealth Medical Center.

A witness told 19 Action News that the driver appeared to be in pretty bad shape. The accident remains under investigation, although it is possible that the driver lost control due to a medical emergency.