PREVIOUS COVERAGE: Zach Reed, Drunk with Power


It’s Good Friday. A holy day for many, but for others it’s party time.


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In Cleveland 's Warehouse District, it’s business as usual for Ward 3 Councilman Zach Reed -- a night on the town. He may not have the best dance moves, but he sure does know how to have a good time.

Around City Hall, Councilman Reed is jokingly referred to as the mayor of the Warehouse District. This is where he hangs. It's where he gets intimate with an attractive young woman. It's where he brings a whole new meaning to the expression "daily grind." And it's where he enjoys a cool beverage.

Perhaps, Reed did not learn his lesson last year when he was busted for driving drunk in the Warehouse District -- unable to say the alphabet when police pulled him over.


Now, nearly a year later, Councilman Reed not only denies drinking and driving, he denies drinking -- period. And here's why. He knows he'd be in big trouble because drinking is a violation of his probation. It says so in the document he signed.


Reed tells 19 Action News that he's a changed man since he was busted. He talks to high school seniors about the dangers of drunken driving. And that's not all.


19 Action News went undercover with hidden cameras on the lookout for Councilman Reed. Their job was to watch what Reed drinks, count his drinks and see if he's driving drunk. We followed the playboy politician after a council meeting Monday night and then on Good Friday.


He hopped from bar to bar -- Blind Pig, Naughty Mermaid, Metropolitan, Liquid, Fusion. He hit them all. On Monday, he had six drinks -- five mixed vodkas and a beer -- in 2.5 hours. A few days later, he had 10 drinks, including a martini, a shot and more mixed vodka drinks in 3 hours. At one point, the councilman took matters into his own hands, getting behind the bar when service apparently was too slow.


Being that Reed is a city leader, The Investigator decided to question what he was doing.


But it’s not behind him. 19 Action News hidden cameras not only caught Reed drinking, they found him putting all of us at risk by leaving the Warehouse District at 1 a.m. Each night, he got behind the wheel of his BMW with no one else in his car. That begs the question: How is this public servant serving the public by drinking liquor and then driving?