Call it role reversal of the worst kind

Call it role reversal of the worst kind! In the second half the cavaliers took on the "meltdown" identity of this Wizards team from friday night. Things started great. Came out blazing. Lebron was simply spectacular! 18 points in quarter one.

The physical play has not deterred him a bit.

That said, when does a superstar of his caliber get the calls in the playoffs? How many ticky-tack fouls are they gonna give him? At one point he was extremely frustrated. You didn't see it at home but I did. After being called for the foul, lebron tore off his trademark headband and tried to rip it in half. He through it before taking a seat on the cavaliers bench for the timeout. The support staff scrambled to get him another before play resumed and coach did his best to calm his superstar player for a final 3 minute run.

It was not to be on this night. See you back at the "q"