Cedar Point's new ride breaks on first day

SANDUSKY, Ohio - For a few hours on Saturday, visitors to Cedar Point in Sandusky got to swing 12 stories into the air on Skyhawk, the park's newest thrill ride.

Then, less than a day after it debuted, the ride was shut down.

The $6 million swing remained closed for the rest of the weekend due to unspecified mechanical problems. Officials don't know when Skyhawk (pictured, above) will be fixed for thrill seekers.

Skyhawk's 84 foot long swinging arms can carry 40 riders at speeds of 60 miles per hour.

The weekend was a success for the park's usually temperamental Top Thrill Dragster ride, which has closed frequently during its three years of operations. It operated all weekend with only minor delays.

Sandusky is 60 west of Cleveland.

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