Mass of Installation itinerary for Monday, May 15, 2006

Vespers - May 14, 2006
Vespers - May 14, 2006
Vespers - May 14, 2006
Vespers - May 14, 2006
Vespers - May 14, 2006
Vespers - May 14, 2006
Vespers - May 14, 2006
Vespers - May 14, 2006

Solemn Installation Rite of The Most Rev. Richard Gerard Lennon,The Tenth Bishop of the Diocese ofClevelandMay 15, 2006

Bishop Lennons Motto: "Diligamus Nos Invicem", "Let Us Love One Another."

I.                     The Solemn installation liturgy begins at 3:00 p.m. with a procession from outside the Cathedral which will include---in this order---The Deacons of the Diocese, Priests (local and visiting), the visiting Bishops, followed by His Eminence Sean Cardinal OMalley,OFM CAP, Archbishop of Boston.
At the end of the procession is Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk (pill-LAR-chick) of Cincinnati who serves as the Installing Prelate since he is the Archbishop for the Province of which Cleveland is a part.  Archbishop Pilarczyk will be accompanied by the Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Pietro Sambi (SOM-bee) (The Vatican Ambassador to the United States), Bishop Lennon, and the Bishops of Cleveland; Bishop Anthony M. Pilla, Auxiliary Bishop A. James Quinn, Auxiliary Bishop Roger Gries (grease), Auxiliary Bishop Martin Amos and retired auxiliary Bishop Edward Pevec.

Along with Cardinal OMalley, some 30 Bishops from around the country are in attendance ranging from Fall River and Springfield Massachusetts to Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and Detroit, Michigan.  The Bishops wearing the rounded or crown head gear are from the Eastern Rite Churches of the Catholic Faith, those of the Roman Rite wear the pointed Mitre (my-tur).  Eastern Rite Bishops include those from the Byzantine, Ukranian and Romaniane and Melkite rites.

More than 320 diocesan and visiting priests (wearing Chasubles) are participating along with more than 30 Deacons (wearing stoles) from the Diocese of Cleveland.

II.                   Once the main portion of the procession is in place in the Cathedral, the second smaller segment, will remain at the door where the Installing Prelate, Archbishop Pilarczyk will officially welcome Bishop Lennon to the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist.   This second group will then process to the sanctuary (altar area) where Archbishop Pilarczyk will open the Liturgy (ceremony and Mass) with the sign of the cross and a greeting.

III.                 Now in the Sanctuary, Archbishop Pilarczyk asks the Apostolic Delegate, the Papal Nuncio Pietro Sambi to read the Letter of appointment from Pope Benedict XVI.   Archbishop Sambi will read the letter from the Ambo (pulpit area) and then the choir and congregation will sing the acclimation Thanks be to God.

The Papal letter is then given to Bishop Lennon who will go down to the front of the altar and formally present it to the Diocese of Cleveland College of Consulters who will receive the letter.

The College of Consulters is made up of 9 priests of the Diocese of Cleveland who under Canon law (Church law) serve as one of the three official colleges recognized under Church law.  They are all members of the diocesan presbyteral (priests) council and are selected by the Bishop to serve five years terms for the purpose of advising the Bishop in matters of administration and governance of the Diocese.   Also, should the Bishop of the Diocese become incapacitated, the College of Consulters is responsible for choosing his temporary replacement until a new Bishop is appointed.

IV.                 Once the Papal letter has been received, Archbishop Pilarczyk and the Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Sambi lead Bishop Lennon to the Cathedra Chair.   (The Chair is the sign of the Teaching Authority of the Bishop). 

When Bishop Lennon is seated in the Cathedra Chair, he officially takes possession of the Diocese

The Bishops chair represents the servant-leadership and teaching authority which the Bishop exercises in fidelity to the Apostles themselves, as he formally takes up his ministry as Shepherd of the Lords Flock in the Diocese of Cleveland.

As he assumes governance of the Diocese he is given the pastoral staff or crosier (CROW-zure) in his role as shepherd of the people.
It is the symbol of his ministry as leader of the Church in Cleveland and in the eight Ohio Counties of Ashland, Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake, Lorain, Medina, Summit and Wayne.

V.                   Sign of Welcome and Reverence .

Members of the Bishops Staff introduce him to representatives of civil authority, interfaith and ecumenical leaders, the lay faithful, lay ecclesial ministers, religious women and men, Deacons and Priests.

People from 39 different categories, all involved in some way with the Diocese, will be introduced.  The introductions will be made by:

1)       Father Ralph Wiatrowski, Chancellor of the Diocese

2)       Margaret Lyons and Joyce Kelleher---Margaret is the Superintendent of Schools
and Secretary of Education.  Joyce is the Secretary for Catechetical Services.

3)       Tom Mullen---President of Catholic Charities for the Diocese of Cleveland and
John Maimone, Secretary for Finance.

4)       Fr. Lawrence Jurcak Vicar for Clergy and Religious
Sr. Rita Mary Harwood Secretary for Parish Life and Development

Reflecting on his new role of Diocesan leadership the assembled sing a song of faith, joy and enthusiastic welcome to the new Bishop Thanks be to God.

VI.                 Mass is underway with The Liturgy of the Word .

These readings were the choice of Bishop Lennon based on their significance
to his installation:

First Reading will be read by Samantha Tulisiak  A student at Walsh Jesuit High School in Cuyahoga Falls and a member of the youth lectors at St. Francis Xavier parish in Medina.

From the Acts of the ApostlesChapter 2 verses 42-47.

This reading reflects on the role of the Bishop to be faithful to the teachings of the Church particularly in matters of prayer, teaching and the Eucharist.

The Responsorial Psalm will be sung accapella in an African rhythmic style.

Second Reading will be read by Anita Reddi-Chatterjee.  She is an occupational therapist at University Hospital Health Systems in Richmond Heights and a lector at St. Noel parish in Willoughby Hills.

Ephesians Chapter 1Verses 3-14.

In all that the Bishop does he Stands for Christ.

The Gospel will be Sung by Deacon Stephen YatesPastoral Minister at Holy Angels Parish in Bainbridge Township.

The Gospel.of St. John.Chapter 17.verses  17-23

This Gospel focuses on Sanctifying them in the truth the aspect of making the faithful holy, while staying faithful to the teachings of the Jesus Christ. The three readings are all traditionally associated with the ordination and/or  Installation of Bishops.

VII.               The Homily Bishop Lennons Sermon

VIII.             The Prayers of the Faithful .

In today’s prayers of the Faithful, the Church’s universal prayer, the intercessions are proclaimed in five languages, manifesting the rich cultural diversity of Northeast Ohio.  These native languages represent a wide variety of peoples---those who founded our first parishes, those who arrived during the great period of immigration in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and those who have much more recently made the diocese their home.
The intercessions are read in:

German---Stefanie or Edwin Moore
English---Jordan Chapman
Spanish---Jisabelle Garcia
Ibo (African)---Maria Hanan
English ---John Power
English---Sr. Kathleen Ryan
Mr. Kha Vu ---Vietnamese

IX.                Preparation of the Gifts .

The Bread and Wine are brought forward as offerings for consecration into the body and blood of Jesus Christ. The gift bearers represent two distinct aspects of the Diocesan Community.

Mr. Alberto Napthali --- The head of maintenance for St. John Cathedral
Sr. Carol Anne Smith--- The Executive Director of the Diocese of Cleveland

X.                  The Eucharistic Prayer---the High point of the entire Liturgy .

The bread and winethrough transubstantiation---become the body and blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  The bread and the wine are elevated and witnessed by the entire congregation:

1)       In adherence to the command of Jesus---we give thanks to God for all that God has done.

2)       In the midst of giving thanks to God, we Give thanks to God for the transformation of bread and wine into his body and blood.

XI.                The Lords Prayer

The assembly prays the prayer that Jesus taught us in the scripture.

XII.              The Sign of Peace.

Adhering to one of the earliest practices of the Churchall turn and offer
each other a sign of priest as Christ had taught us.

XIII.            Breaking of the Bread

As the Hosts are being divided the Lamb of God is sung.  This litany is traditional and this particular piece of music was commission for the Diocese in the late 1970s.

XIV.            Distribution of Holy Communion

The Song being sung during distribution of communionFaith, Hope and Love was commissioned for the Diocese in the early 1970s and is interspersed with the traditional Cesar Franck hymn Panis Angelicus which was requested by Bishop Lennon.

XV.              Post Communion. Song of Thanksgiving The Magnificat the song of Mary My soul doth magnify the Lord, and my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior. 

Sung as a hymn of Thanksgiving and in special recognition of the Blessed Virgin and her role as Mother of the Church.  Bishop Lennons Coat-of-Arms includes a star symbolizing the Virgin Mary.

XVI.            Blessing and Dismissal

Bishop Lennons first blessing as Bishop of Cleveland.  While the Cardinal and Bishops will process outside, Bishop Lennon will remain inside the Cathedral and will walk through the Cathedral blessing all those in attendance. 

The Hymn: All Creatures of God and King will be played.

A public reception will immediately follow this Mass at the Galleria in downtown Cleveland, two blocks from the Cathedral.