Son left mother's decomposing body in home for six months

MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio - Authorities in suburban Cleveland say a man who made a Mother's Day visit to see his mom discovered that she had died six months ago and that his brother had placed her decomposing body on a couch in front of a television.

An autopsy showed that Margaret Hamor, 83, of Mayfield Heights, died of a heart attack sometime in December.

The woman's son, 47-year-old Louis Hamor, had lived with her in the house. Authorities say that he was taken to a hospital for psychological evaluation.

Authorities had not determined if there was abuse or foul play.

Authorities say that the son had an estranged relationship with his younger brother, who arrived at the house Sunday evening and demanded to see their mother. The younger brother told police that he had last seen his mother on Christmas Eve.

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