Clinic official says Ohio abortion ruling sets dangerous precedent

CINICNNATI - A judge's decision this week to release the records of all abortion patients under the age of 18 has instigated much debate, 19 Action News reported.

The controversial ruling stemmed from a lawsuit in Cincinnati. The legal proceedings concerned a violation of Ohio state law that occurred last year when a teenager received an abortion without the consent of her parents.

The girl's family sued the Cincinnati Planned Parenthood Clinic. Attorneys representing the family asked for the records of all underage abortion patients, and the judge granted that request. Now, the private medical history of those teens will go public.

The president of the clinic, Becki Brenner, says that the judge's decision is a dangerous one.

"People go to their physicians and their clinicians and their providers with the expectations that what they talk about is private," she said. "That's one of our concerns."

Brenner says the clinic will appeal, but that could take years. She adds that if the records are released, identifying information such as names and addresses would be blacked out.