Rapist Charged


Cleveland, OH - The man Cleveland Police arrested for raping an 18-yr-old pregnant woman was arraigned Tuesday morning. Richard Knight Jr. was officially charged with vicious rape, and bond was set for one million dollars.

The rape happened Thursday, July 27th, in the 14-thousand block of St. James on the city's west side. The suspect, 35-year-old Richard Knight Jr. was arrested around 11:30 p-m Friday evening.

Cops got a tip that he was staying at an apartment at 12010 Lake Avenue in Lakewood.

When they arrived, Knight jumped out of a window. Next came a short foot chase, then police were able to take him down.

Knight, who was just released from prison, is a friend of the victim's family and was staying with them for a few days.

The 18-year-old pregnant woman and her un-born child are expected to recover.