More Killings in Baghdad

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - An Iraqi official says scores of militants have been arrested, including some of the snipers who opened fire today on crowds of Shiite pilgrims in Baghdad. At least 20 were killed while walking through a Sunni neighborhood to a Shiite shrine. More than 300 were injured by gunfire and the chaos that followed.

One Iraqi says someone was shot in front of him in what he calls a "clear sniper attack." He says he could still hear the crack of the shots despite the panic around him.

The government had imposed a ban on weekend driving to stop car bomb attacks. But a Health Ministry official says the attackers used rooftops and a nearby cemetery to open fire on hundreds of thousands walking to the shrine of an eighth-century saint.

The government also says four insurgents, including at least two of the snipers, were killed by security forces.