Ravens Beat Cleveland - Barely

Cleveland, OH - The Cleveland Browns battled the Baltimore Ravens out at Browns Stadium Sunday, kickoff was at 4:05 p.m. Baltimore wins 15-14 with a field goal late in the fourth quarter.

The Browns went scoreless in the first, but came back in the second and fourth quarter. The Ravens saved their thrust for the final seconds of the game kicking a field goal to win the game 15-14.

                     1st        2nd         3rd            4th          Final

Browns:      0          14             0               0                14

Ravens:      3          0              0                12              15

The Cleveland Browns will Honor Militants during their Game Sunday evening. Here is what is going on at Brown's Stadium:

As part of a Military Appreciation Day ceremony, the Cleveland Browns will give 162 local Soldiers, future Soldiers and family members a hero's welcome during Sunday's match up against the Baltimore Ravens. To pay tribute to these courageous Soldiers and their commitment to serving their country, a series of recognition events will be held, including:

  • A dramatic flag presentation during pre-game festivities in which 150 Soldiers, future Soldiers and family members will unfurl a giant American flag in the shape of the United States.
  • A special pre-game ceremony honoring 12 Soldiers from the Cleveland Recruiting Battalion who have returned from serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • A satellite link to local Soldiers and Marines currently serving in Fallejuah during the third quarter will broadcast live messages to fans over the Jumbotron.

The recognition is part of the Army's Operation Tribute to Freedom program which honors returning Soldiers for their service in Iraq and Afghanistan.