How can I tell if I have a problem with alcohol and drugs?

You may have a problem with alcohol or drugs, if:

  • You drink or use drugs alone.
  • You can't predict whether or not you will use drugs or get drunk.
  • You turn to alcohol and/or drugs after a confrontation or argument, or to leave uncomfortable feelings.
  • You remember how last night began, but not how it ended, so you're worried you may have a problem.
  • You believe that in order to have fun you need to drink and/or use drugs.
  • You make promises to yourself or others that you'll stop getting drunk or using drugs.
  • You feel alone, miserable, scared, and depressed.
  • You have trouble at work or school because of your drug use or drinking.
  • You drink more or use more drugs to get the same effect that you got with smaller amounts.

If you have experienced any of the above problems, help is available.  More than a million Americans like you have taken charge of their lives and are living healthy and drug-free.

How can I get Help?

You can get help for yourself, a friend, family member or co-worker.  Substance abuse treatment is effective for many people and can decrease or end the use of alcohol and other drugs, resulting in increased productivity and a better quality of life.

Remember, some people may go through treatment a number of times before they are in full recovery.  Do not give up hope!