At Least Three Female Students Killed

Nickel Mines, PA - Tragedy strikes a Pennsylvania Amish community.

This, after a gunman barricaded himself inside a one room Amish schoolhouse and killed three children before turning the gun on himself. 

Pennsylvania State Police say the gunman, 32 years old Charles Carl Roberts IV was also among the dead. Police say the suspect ordered the males out of the schoolroom, keeping the young girls inside and barricading the doors.

Police say that as they arrived and tried to negotiate with the shooter, he opened fire -- killing three girls, and then taking his own life.

State police describe it as a "horrendous" crime scene, with one of the children dying in the arms of a police officer.

Seven students were transported to area hospitals, some with gunshot wounds to the head and serious gunshot wounds to other parts of the body.

Police say at 11am the suspect called his family to say he was not coming home and left notes for her and his children. The suicide notes are described as rambling, not making any sense. Police say he was acting out over some event dating back 20 years ago.

Authorities say Roberts was a milk tanker truck driver who lived in the nearby town of Bart.