2-Year-Old Severely Punished For Dirty Diaper

EUCLID, Ohio - A Cleveland woman was punished with four years in prison for scalding and beating a 2-year-old child because he soiled his diaper, 19/43 News' Paul Orlousky reported.

Jameeca Mittman (pictured, right) was found guilty of felonious assault and child endangering. Mittman had been described as emotionless during the trial, but a sentence of four years in prison changed that on Wednesday.

"I'm sorry the baby got hurt, but I didn't do it," Mittman said. "Now, my whole life is gone."

Mittman was babysitting at a Euclid apartment building when 2-year-old Fabian Hamilton soiled his diaper. Mittman punished him by placing his hand in water hot enough that doctors had to remove the skin.

Prosecutors called it torture.

"It's a classic emersion burn, as if the child was wearing a glove," assistant Cuyahoga County prosecutor Ronni Ducoff said. "You can see the glove line where the dipping stopped and the child's hand was burned."

The burns were not all. The toddler's lip was split, as if from a blow, and he had cuts and bruises on his head. His mother, Shewanda Boldware, said that her son is not just physically scarred.

"He was scared to get in the bathtub," she said. "He was scared of water, but he's making it."

Fabian's outlook is good. He has regained the use of his hand, and is coming along nicely despite the fact that it's severely scarred.