2 Students Found Guilty Of Trying To Poison Teacher

CINCINNATI (AP) - Two elementary school girls, ages 12 and 13, have been found guilty of attempting to poison their sixth-grade teacher.

The teacher did not drink from her water bottle which contained liquid drain cleaner that the girls had poured into it May 10 at Oyler Elementary School.

The teacher noticed that the bottle felt warm and put it in a refrigerator. The next day the girls dumped the bottle's contents and threw it away, police said.

The girls spiked the water bottle because one of them was upset the teacher cited her for talking back and other misbehavior, investigators said.

"A lot of children only think short term, but part of growing up is learning to think long term," Juvenile Court Magistrate Thomas Flynn told the girls as he announced his decision Wednesday.

"Hopefully you'll learn that you have to think down the road. You have to think how your choices might affect other people. You two made choices that could have killed somebody else," he said.

The girls are to remain on electronic monitoring until they return Nov. 28 for sentencing. They could receive probation or be detained until they turn 21.

The girls also had been charged with tampering with evidence and obstructing official business. The magistrate said the prosecution failed to prove criminal intent on those charges.

Authorities originally charged four girls in the case, but the charges were dismissed against a 14-year-old for lack of evidence.

Another 13-year-old pleaded guilty to her participation and testified against the other two. She is to be sentenced on Tuesday.

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